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Velo Construction

Unlocking precise costings through expert utilization of building rates and meticulous project quantification, based on either comprehensive architect's blueprints or initial pre-planning sketches.

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Velo Construction

In an era of rising construction costs, project stakeholders must possess a clear grasp of accurate expenses. Velo Construction excels in the residential arena, standing alongside architects, homeowners, and building contractors, ensuring precise cost insights for all.

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Over 150 Costs/Tenders produced per year


We quantify each individual item for transparency


We price using current construction rates for accuracy


All parties know where they stand as work begins

About Velo Construction

As constructions cost increase it is important for all parties involved to know the accurate costing involved in a project or proposal. At Velo construction services we work in the residential market place are here to help all in this process the Architect, homeowner and building contractor.

We use our knowledge of building rates and quantify projects to get accurate costings, working from full architect’s drawings or pre planning sketches.


Velo Construction Services

We produce over 150 estimates/tenders per year so know the current design trends and how to achieve the best value for the client/homeowners while allowing contractors to make a profit.

Our detailed cost plan/tender documents help all parties look at how the project is made up for a cost perspective. This opens up discussions, to where cost savings can be achieved or where additional items may be added.

By locking down a finalised tender and full specification before a project starts the risks to both the client and the building contactor are greatly reduced. This results in less negative discussions about what has been included in the price, allowing works to progress more quickly and removing the need for awkward conversations around costs, during the works on site.


At Velo Construction, we assist architects, homeowners, and building contractors in the residential market by providing accurate project costings through our expertise in building rates and project quantification from architect’s drawings or pre-planning sketches, addressing the significance of precise costing in the face of rising construction expenses.

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