About Velo Construction

At Velo Construction, our extensive experience, encompassing the production of over 150 estimates/tenders annually, positions us as well-versed in current design trends, enabling us to not only ensure optimal value for clients/homeowners but also to facilitate contractors in attaining profitability.

Through our meticulously crafted cost plans and tender documents, we offer a comprehensive breakdown of project expenses, fostering collaborative discussions to identify potential cost efficiencies and additional inclusions.

By finalizing tenders and specifications before project commencement, we mitigate risks for both clients and building contractors, leading to smoother progress, minimized disputes over pricing in the course of construction, and ultimately expediting on-site work processes.

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Over 150 Costs/Tenders produced per year


We quantify each individual item for transparency


We price using current construction rates for accuracy


All parties know where they stand as work begins

Why Velo Construction

By proactively concluding tenders and establishing detailed specifications ahead of project initiation, we proactively address potential challenges, effectively diminishing risks for both our valued clients and dedicated building contractors. This approach not only facilitates a seamless project trajectory but also significantly reduces the likelihood of contentious disagreements regarding pricing throughout the construction journey.

As a result, our commitment to meticulous pre-planning translates to streamlined on-site operations, where construction work can progress with heightened efficiency, synergy, and focus, unburdened by the interruptions of unwelcome cost-related discussions.

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