Unique cycling days in Scotland’s beautiful scenery for staff and clients, fully risk assessed and insured we plan your day from start to finish providing an inventory and costs. With our team car concept there are no bulging pockets or worries of mechanicals or food, just riding and building relationships.

Our routes are planned to let our clients get their heart rate up but equally to network and relax.  

We will provide a range of services based around a cycle team car experience concept. We have a team of trained ride leaders and first aiders who cycle with the group over the day offering encouragement and support. 

Your day is unique to your organisation and is planned to use the amazing Scottish scenery as a backdrop. Fully planned and thought out, structured to allow faster riders to be able to let of a bit of steam. While ensuring any slower riders have a fantastic experience and feel fully supported and part of the day.

We create your event to ensure you see a return on your investment whether that’s building a stronger team or winning new business, basically building stronger relationships.

Costs will be dependent on numbers and location. We can provide an indicative price if you want to fill in the contact form and provide rough details of potential numbers and area you would like to cycle in.


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