Our team car staff and ride leaders will work hard supporting your cycling event and will provide an extra level of safety for organisers

We helped St Andrews hospice run a sportive in 2017, providing route and risk assessment advice and used our team car to provide a rolling pit stop service where riders could pick up a drink and something to eat along the route.

In May 2018 supported a NC 500 route trip where the 10 riders completed the 525 miles in 4 days raising funds for two charities.
It was quite a challenge for the riders and the support car was pivotal to the success of the event.
We were their at all times providing for quick wheel changes, fresh clothing, food etc. We even where able to shield the riders from some nasty headwinds on the single track roads.

In May 2018, I had the pleasure of completing the North 500 by cycle with a local cycle club, over a number of days, supported by Velo Scotland This was the first multi day, long distance cycle I’d taken part in, and I was wary of the challenges ahead. From the outset, Velo Scotland provided exceptional support and service to ensure that our ride went safely and smoothly. On road, the support was professional and immediate, with repairs carried out in quick time with high quality bikes and wheels.

We were escorted at all times, with the car never more than a few minutes away and often to the immediate front or rear of our group. Off road, we received detailed but understandable advice and support throughout each day, not only in relation to the bikes, but also nutrition, clothing and comfort. And when things got tough, the support was always there, sensible but practical, ensuring that the right decisions were made at the right time. The weather and terrain was particularly challenging on occasion, and the Velo Scotland team responded to ensure that the risk was always manageable and the team continued to move forward in a safe manner and in good spirits. At the end of the day, we received fantastic support in terms of organising gear for the next day’s challenge, and briefing us on the road ahead.

I could not recommend Velo Scotland highly enough to support adventures of this sort, whether in a corporate or social context and whether single or multi day events


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