In partnership with Pro Rider Cycling we can provide an ultra-luxury coach with Trailer accommodating 35 riders and bikes creating an amazing cycling day out.

Trips can be in the UK or in Europe, combined with our Team car and staff we take cycling days out to a new level.

Having the bus and trailer allows groups of riders to access different geographical locations without costly overnight stays. Knowing Velo Scotland have checked and mapped the route, and the Team car and rider leaders are there allows riders to relax and really enjoy the event.

A typical day would look like this:

• Collection at agreed point(s)

• Bikes packed into trailer while customers have breakfast on-board

• Drive for a few hours to start point

• Team car follows bus to start of route

• Cycle agreed assessed route & stop for lunch with Scotland’s Beautiful Scenery as a back drop

• Re group at bus and return to drop off point

• Snacks and drinks on return journey

Through our partnerships we can hire ex and current professional riders, to ride with the group if you would wish.


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