We provide detailed cost plans at any stage of a development; this allows architects to provide detailed costs for schemes to clients before projects progress too far. Often architects mention our service helps job to progress to completion more often as the client is on board with the scheme and the relevant cost of the project form the start.

Alterations can then be made where required to schemes to bring project in budget while achieving the client’s initial objectives.

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We enable homeowners to scope out potential works to their home prior to engaging with architects or in conjunction with their consultant.

We can look at wish lists for their projects and give them a realistic overview of the ideas from a cost point of view.

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Building Contractors

We take drawings from contractors and produce detailed tenders, this includes each item quantified and priced based on their own rates. This allows the contractor to be confident of the price as they start on site and clearly identifies the scope of works to them and their client.

Our documents remove much of the discussions around what is extra work and what is included in the price.

We can produce payment schedules and Homeowners contracts to back up the agreement with their clients.

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At Velo Construction, we assist architects, homeowners, and building contractors in the residential market by providing accurate project costings through our expertise in building rates and project quantification from architect’s drawings or pre-planning sketches, addressing the significance of precise costing in the face of rising construction expenses.

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